Christy and Michael Habony

My husband surprised me with a birthday boat ride around Anna Maria Island and Longboat Key on Captain Nick’s amazing boat. Captain Nick made the ride so enjoyable by his knowledge of the island’s history and his love for the ocean. Captain Nick swims in the water with you, finds sand dollars deep in the ocean sand and always seems to know where the dolphins and sea turtles hang out. I would highly recommend you book a ride with Captain Nick and you’ll never forget this experience.

Chris and Waynette, Saratoga NY

Had the best day on Captain Nicks boat. Myself and 2 girlfriends were visiting Anna Maria from Upstate NY. We hired Nick for a 3 hour trip. It was so much fun and relaxing. Nick told us so much about the area. He was a great water tour guide. He let us get off the boat and walk in the clearest water and softest sand near an island and get sand dollars. He then took us to a rock in the middle of the bay where we snorkeled and jumped 10 feet or so into the warm water. It was a blast. Capt Nick, we will be back next year and you are our first call. Thanks again.

Marian N, Bradenton, FL

My stepmother passed away and we wanted to have her ashes spread at sea, where we could see the spot from land and could go back to visit if we desired.  Capt Nick took complete control, asked my wishes and we had a wonderful service on the water.  It was prompt and efficient and very nice.  What a nice job Captain.

Mary S, Crittenden, KY

I recently lost my husband and a friend recommended I contact Captain Nick. I called Nick and he immediately put me at ease. We took my husband's ashes to sea as he desired and had a beautiful simple service.  Through this tough experience we have found a new friend.